No one teaches a PM how to plan a project, here’s my ten step process

Share This: Many project managers see project planning as a ‘black art’. Funnily enough, planning a projects schedule isn’t really taught per se. New PMs are expected to gather lots of data and simply produce a rabbit out of a hat.  I’ve discovered a more rigorous approach which I’ve distilled down to ten steps, and here it […]

Project Initiation

Have you been tasked with kicking off a project or change initiative? If so this project initiation crib sheet is for you. This project initiation crib sheet will equip you a quick list of items to discuss, agree and detail/document in order to get an initiative off the ground. You might also refer to Project […]

When is a Project not a Project?

Share This: Successful large scale organisational change demands excellent governance – part of which means understanding the difference between a Programme & a Project Organisations generally get hung up on whether or not a specific change initiative is defined as a project or as a programme. Whilst there are important and notable differences the specific […]